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Writing Guide of a Dissertation Outline

A Dissertation is an essential element for the identification of research objectives since its thesis is one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks. The task also includes writing a thesis, a compulsory phase in postgraduate studies for every student. It is necessary to develop a precise plan to clarify the inquiry before starting the creation of a scientific masterpiece ...
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Tips for Writing an Abstract for a Lab Report

An abstract summarizes the contents of an important work briefly and extensively. Usually, it comes after the title page or content page and could or might not have its own dedicated page right before an introduction. Abstracts are widely used both in academic and in the US educational institutions, and elsewhere for the purposes of summarizing articles to be published ...
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Career Goals Essay

The Structure of a Career Goals Essay

A career goals essay is essentially a personal statement or a letter of encouragement with some differences focusing on particular careers or choices behind them. As a mix of abilities, personal values, interests, experience, aspiration, and education, it can be clear in words to set career goals, but writing them down is harder because it takes structure. Right, and precise ...
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Nutrition in the Life of a College Student

How many times do you feel overwhelmed, and under pressure? How often have you looked at a college friend thinking he/she might be a witch because you cannot just look good and get a degree living a lively life for a student? It's quite simple if you ask your friend about the answer - he knows a thing about school-based ...
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Nature vs Nurture Essay

Nature vs Nurture Essay Writing Guide

One of the toughest essays to write is a nature vs nurture essay if no example is provided and no explanation is provided of what college teachers expect of such writing. Nature vs nurture can be made easier, if it speaks directly from a personal perspective and shares the experiences of students, by referring to philosophy, health care, education, sociology, environmental sciences, ...
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Importance of Homework

Homework is an essential element of education in the US, but also in almost all countries with very different cultures. The reason why this practice has become so universal is why homework benefits are essential for efficient education by complementing face-to-face classroom instruction. In a nutshell, it can be explained by encouraging independent work and assessment, strengthening of the knowledge ...
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Five-paragraph Essay

How to Write Five Paragraph Essay

Five paragraph essay is a piece of writing consisting of five parts: introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. The aim of writing such essays is to train students to clear, concisely, and accurately express their thoughts. This ability will be crucial in future academic activities of any kind. You won't be able to get it through properly without knowing the ...
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Interview Essay

How to Write an Interview Essay

An interview essay can be defined by reflecting on the information collected via an interview, samples of a discussion with an individual or group of people. In most cases, the report has an expert who can contribute substantially to the paper. The paper itself is not a conversation in the colloquium, but a series of issues that help readers gain ...
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Leadership Essay

How to Write a Leadership Essay

It is not difficult to understand why students are given a leadership essay, even in academic institutions across the US and worldwide. Most students take leadership roles with different degrees of responsibility and influence in their lives and therefore it is essential to become aware of the typical challenges, solutions, or skills needed. A leadership paper or essay could be ...
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Graduation Speech

How to Write a Graduation Speech

Speaking in front of your classmates on this important day is both an honor and a great responsibility. It is a real challenge to list appropriate graduation speech ideas, settle for one of your favorites, and structure future discussions, produce suitable content with the desired language or style. Especially for those who are not able to speak extensively with the public ...
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